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Help Santa with SQL and get gifts from Devart!


We are happy to bring our sincere congratulations with upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays! It’s time for miracles and gifts, so try yourself at Devart’s Christmas Quest to get winter holiday discounts.

Help Santa to count a salary for his Elves so that they deliver other presents. With this purpose, Santa uses SQL query, but he is not so good in SQL. Please, help him to build the proper query! Santa Claus is about to pay generously to everyone who helps him!

CTOUG re-launch meeting


Oracle Licensing: Part 1 License Metric


Information about Oracle licensing is not abundantly available. Most of us might not be familiar with Oracle licensing. This article provides information about Oracle Licensing Rules and Definitions. This is Part 1 – License Metric (Oracle Technology). Please look at the disclaimer and agree before reading.

You can choose between a license based on a ‘User’ or based on server-specifications which is ’Processor’. A user-based license is called Named User Plus. So, two common license metrics are Named User Plus and Processor. I will explain a little more about the definitions.

BlueCoreResearch gives a DAM


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